Welcome to! The purpose of this website is to help you prepare for software engineering interviews.

In the next sections, we will cover everything you need to know, from the resume to mock interviews to algorithms, to help you understand the process and prepare better.

Who is this guide for?

This guide will be useful to any software engineer who wants to get a job at Google, Facebook, Amazon, or any other company that hires software engineers.

Who is writing this?

My name is Adilet, and I am an ex-Google software engineer. A couple of years ago, I also had job offers from Google, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon. You can read more about my interview preparation journey and background on my personal website.

How to use this guide

Most of the sections of this guide are designed to be read roughly in order. We will start with the broad general topics on interview preparation, and later dive deeper into the coding interviews and algorithms.

Reading everything in order is also the best approach if you are just starting with the interview preparation, as this way you will start from the basics and get the comprehensive picture.

That said, you can also use this guide as the reference material and jump straight to the topics that interest you most.

Action items

Some sections in this guide also have special action items at the bottom – exercises and questions to do after reading the article. These action items will help you better understand the material and take the next steps in the interview preparation.

As this is the introduction section, action items here are pretty simple:

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In the next section, we will learn about the software engineering interview format – how interviews are done and what to expect.